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This is the part where you’re expecting to read about how we’re jumping on the (fill in the blank) bandwagon. Where we tell you about how we’re singlehandedly saving the world, one miniscule, locally sourced boysenberry at a time.

Sorry, folks. While we’re proud enough to shout from a soapbox about how super duper we are, there comes a point where it’s like, “Really…must you go on? And on...? And on......?”

What we’re happy to tell you is how proud we are of where we come from and how far we’ve come.

As a brand with a rich heritage on this, the beautiful Central Coast of Califor-ni-a, we happen to love our neighbors and a community that has stood by us for almost seven decades.

It’s about paying forward a legacy of the most fabulous ice cream known to man. Doing it the right way. So that we leave this world just a little “sweeter” than we found it.

So here’s the scoop on some stuff you might not know about Santa Barbara’s (and California’s) Original and Finest Creamery:

  • We keep a vigilant eye on sustainable and ethical business practices, farming methods and animal husbandry (we support global non-GMO farming and feed practices). And we make sure our partners do, too (happy cows, right…?)
  • We proudly support our local farmers* - the hometown heroes that play an integral part of getting this delicious stuff on the shelf day after day. 
  • We are all over supporting and promoting literacy, education and service in our communities. Check out our amazing partnership with Milk & Bookies!
  • The environment? Hey. We’re Santa Barbarans. We live in this beautiful, emerald paradise for a reason, right? Well, check this out. In 1969, a massive oil spill on a drilling platform just off Santa Barbara nearly destroyed this entire portion of coastline. It was a seminal moment for the environmental movement and one of the principal inspirations behind the creation of Earth Day (a now global, annual event). It’s also a key factor behind McConnell’s support for local environmental organizations and our brand partnership with 1% For The Planet (Go 1%!). ‘Cause, like ice cream, the environment is better left pristine, all natural and to be enjoyed by all).

*Oh. We told Molly’s kids (from Harry’s Berries) that we’d give them a shout out. This one’s for you, guys!