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Get a taste of the finest with a four-pint selection of McC's Legacy Flavors, delivered right to your doorstep!
The McC's Classic Collection celebrates McConnell's Fine Ice Creams' unique history of churning out the Universe's (!) most fabulous ice cream. Every few months, we'll choose four of our "legacy flavors", some of which feature Mac's original 1949 recipes!
This time around, it's all about celebrating what makes McConnell's Fine Ice Creams unique:
Extraordinary ingredients
Uniquely indulgent recipes
Incomparable taste and texture
Golden State Vanilla
R.R. Lochhead’s® classic “McC’s Blend” of Bourbon-Madagascar, Indonesian and Tahitian vanillas. An assertive, rich and complex, intensely creamy vanilla, with distinct floral notes. The vanilla ice cream lover’s vanilla.

Turkish Coffee

A three-bean selection of espresso and cold-processed coffee delivers incredible aroma, smoothness and deeply complex coffee flavor, minus any acidity or bitterness. A true coffee fanatic’s ice cream. 

Peppermint Stick

Fresh, Central Coast, grass-fed milk & cream and a dash of R.R. Lochhead® vanilla, mated to bracing, organic peppermint and natural, peppermint candy. An enduring McC’s favorite.

Salted Caramel Chip 

A uniquely deep and complex, true salted caramel, almost toffee-like in flavor, brought together with our stunningly rich mix of cage-free organic eggs, pure cane sugar and fresh, Central Coast, grass-fed milk and cream, then topped-off by our signature, Guittard bittersweet, melted chocolate.